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L.C.C. (Life Community Center LV)

We are L.C.C. (Life Community Center LV) a local non-profit 501c3 under the category of public charity 509(a)(2) organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are here to serve our community with FREE FOOD and other resources.

Mission: To try to make sure that families in need get at least some type of food (preferably healthy organic fruits and vegetables) to help sustain their nutritional needs, including clothing, and other resources as we are able to provide.

Our target is mainly senior citizen communities, needy families with children, and people with disabilities. We will also be targeting those who are unable to get out to get food, due to transportation issues and/or disabilities.

L.C.C. is founded by "Wyleaner" The Las Vegas Queen of Gospel. Having been homeless on the streets and struggling as a teenage girl she suffered from hunger many days and nights, with no one to help. Not only has feeding the people been a 18+ years mission for Wyleaner, but it is also a ministry of hers to do her part to assist in taking care of her community. Being known by many as THE LAS VEGAS QUEEN OF GOSPEL... she says...

This organization works from donations from the public of food from various grocery outlets and other donations as needed as well. The goal here is to make sure we feed as many people/families in need as we can provide for, with our resources (although limited) that we acquire.

L.C.C. will come to your neighborhood/community with a truck with, FRESH ORGANIC PRODUCE, BAKERY, MEATS, NON-PERISHABLES, DAIRY, and sometimes DELI.
Just call and see if we are located in your community, if so, we will give you the time to come out to the truck to pick your food from what we have to offer. Since we provide from donated goods we make no special promises on what you will receive, but you are welcome to choose from what we have to offer on that day. Every week the choices differ according to what donations we have received.  We plan to deliver to various areas one day a week, mostly on Saturday afternoons, as soon as we get a dependable vehicle to use for deliveries.  Until we acquire the proper transportation we are stationary at various locations. As we continue to grow, our MAIN FUTURE goal will be to establish our own BRICK and MORTAR location so that we can accommodate target neighborhoods even more efficient.  Please call our local number for current location for your weekly groceries at (702) 427-1887 (our location at this time is 1229 W. OWENS AVE, LAS VEGAS, NV 89106 which has been donated by Kingdom Family International). 
We are here to serve YOU! We hope that you can find something on our truck to help you to feed yourself and your family.

We are a small organization doing BIG things!! Feel free to contact us if you would like to donate to us as well, and/or would like us to come to your community. Please scroll down below for more information.

Together we can ALL help each other!    PLEASE HELP US TO HELP OTHERS!!    THANK YOU.

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We are on the move and here or you!

Sprouts Farmers Market Assistant Manager Danielle Scolaro and Wyleaner The Las Vegas Queen Of Gospel with the Queens Food Program!

Food donations received for the Queen's Food Program from Mr. Rodney Smith of Our Own Voices Magazine and his partner Mr. Bryan Harris with the Community Food Bus program!

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Special thanks go to Sprouts Farmers Market and all the staff in the Las Vegas store #501.  Your donations have been a tremendous help to our local community and more!  THANK YOU!!!

      Just Serve

Just Serve organization your donations  have been a tremendous help to our local community and more, making sure that we have plenty nonperishables to assist our families in need! 

      BLAQUE TACOS    

Special thanks to KENNY BLAQUE of BLAQUE TACOS for inviting us  to join you in the Dessert Spot!! We appreciate you Mr. Blaque for the roll you played in making it possible for us to have a temporary stationary location and for your continued support of The QUEEN.  THANK YOU!!

Sumthin Unique Printing

Special thanks to your support of creating and donating our company shirts, which help keep us looking professional!

Special thanks to this store:

We thank you for all the donations that you have provided to us for needy families! We appreciate you for your kindness and generosity!

Our Own Voices

Special thanks to Rodney Smith of OUR OWN VOICES MAGAZINE for your continued support of The QUEEN "WYLEANER" and your recent food contributions as well.  THANK YOU!!

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